Legal Services

Construction Law

  • Letter of Award, Letter of Acceptance, Memorandum of Understanding and other preliminary documents
  • Main Contract and Sub-Contract (customised or standard form)
  • PAM Contract 2006/2018 (With Quantities), PAM Contract 2006/2018 (Without Quantities) and PAM Sub-Contract 2006/2018, AIAC Standard Form Construction Contracts
  • Dispute resolution and payment claim in High Court, Arbitration and Adjudication pursuant to the Construction Industry Payment & Adjudication Act 2012 (“CIPAA 2012”)

Corporate Law

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – sale of shares / business / assets
  • Joint Venture Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, Subscription Agreement, Put & Call Option Agreement
  • Legal due diligence

Real Estate, Banking & Conveyancing Law

  • Sale and purchase of movable and immovable properties
  • Corporate and retail banking facilities
  • Moneylending Agreements (secure/unsecured) pursuant to the Moneylenders Act 1951
  • Leases and tenancies

Commercial Law & Drafting/Reviewing Variety of Contracts

  • Partnership Agreement, Service Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement, Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding

Employment Law

  • Drafting/reviewing of employment contract
  • Advisory work on disciplinary action, dismissal and retrenchment
  • Dispute resolution at Industrial Court & Labour Court


  • Theme Park Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Ticketing Agreement
  • Food & Beverage Agreement
  • Sponsorship Agreement


  • Will and testament

General Litigation

  • Debt recovery
  • Defamation

Criminal Law

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