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Hew, Lee & Co is a Malaysian law firm established in 2006.

We keep things simple for you. We do not charge for your initial consultation and we are open to negotiation for a fixed-fee-rate if you fear escalating legal costs as your legal matter progresses.

Do contact us for an appointment.

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  • Dato Winson Chan
    I find the lawyers energetic and approachable. They have effective communication skills and they studied my case with empathy and compassion.
    Dato Winson Chan
    Food & Beverage Industry
  • Mr David Ko
    I’ve known the firm for more than a decade. Their lawyers articulate well and are able to explain the law clearly to me. They are very responsive and give strategic and practical advice in resolving the occasional legal problems in my day-to-day business operations.
    Mr David Ko
    Oil & Gas Industry
  • Dato Yip
    Their business acumen is impressive. Professional and creative in dispute resolution. They are careful in advising me on the viability of my case and honest in letting me know when my case is weak. Even when my case is strong, they will propose practical solutions such that I need not battle until the bitter end in order to reduce legal costs.
    Dato Yip
    Media Industry
  • Mr James Tan
    HLC lawyers have always impressed me with their round-the-clock availability. They even availed themselves on weekends and public holidays for meetings on matters of urgency. Our company appreciates such dedication and accessibility.
    Mr James Tan
    Construction Industry

About Hew, Lee & Co

Accessibility - We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to reach.

Creative & Energetic - Creative dispute resolution is the key to keeping legal costs minimal. Fast turn-around with a positive attitude will help see our clients through what may otherwise be an unbearably stressful situation.

Compassion & Empathy - When you are facing a legal battle, we listen fervently and will fight wholeheartedly for what is most important to you.

Work-Life Balance - We strive to support our lawyers not only in their professional development, but also in their efforts to balance the demands of their jobs with their family needs, outside interests and responsibilities. We believe that such a balance is crucial not only to the success of individual lawyers, but also to the overall success of our firm.

Pro Bono - We believe in giving back to the community. If you are a non-profit NGO which serves the needs of socially disadvantaged people or any other humanitarian cause, do contact us for pro bono legal services.